About Zenith

Zenith, as a competent Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) organisation, brings together the knowledge and operations expertise of varied industry specialists, to offer high quality, reliable services built on keen attention to detail. We offer consultancy and operations services that help our clients improve functionality and stay ahead in their respective industry markets. We believe a highly successful BPO is built on successful individuals driven by deep dedication and high aptitude. Therefore, we leverage on our bank of qualified manpower across sector areas including BPO, to bring together sound solutions that work for our clients and far exceed their expectations; as at Zenith we hire highly experienced individuals that perform well in their particular fields.

The Zenith Advantage

If you outsource with us, how would you benefit? We help you concentrate on your core expertise and reap benefit, by undertaking operations of support services in your organisation. This thereby lowers the functional and financial weight caused by the support services on your company. Your best gains: Higher margins, satisfied customers and improved core services.

Technology and Proficiency

Our access to the best in technology allows us to offer better and faster services that meet with your requirements. And Zenith BPO's improved infrastructure and networking capabilities ensure that we deliver accurately on time.

Location, Location, Location

The Indian subcontinent is forging ahead in BPO services for countries in the west as well as within the region. Sri Lanka, with its 100% literacy rate, is a hub of intelligent and educated people, who are naturally driven in tasks they undertake. The growing BPO industry in Sri Lanka has seen much investment being poured in, to improve the vast BPO know-how and capabilities. Zenith, located in the commercial capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo, has gathered and draws from the best of this wealth of knowledge and experience, in delivering its varied services.